David Leith :: Work :: The Walk to Work and Back Home Again

Video by Lee Hutzulak

A site-specific soundscape by Lee Hutzulak (Photography/Guitar + FX) & David Leith (Synthesizers/Mix).

The final work was presented in S.P.A.C.E. Banners Project.

This project began as a way to connect with a loved one living overseas, by sharing images of urban wildlife and the ever-evolving landscape in Vancouver, British Columbia.

In the Spring of 2021, after years of commuting to work on bicycle, Lee decided to reimagine this small but regular routine. He began walking to work with a camera, exploring new routes and revisiting spots undergoing transformation. The development of the new St. Paul’s Hospital is one of these places, and where the video of the crow was filmed. The bare field is now an active construction site, changing daily.

David Leith’s audio creates a new narrative playing on the crow’s interaction with the changing environment. Composed using layers of granulated and time-stretched audio from the original footage, Dave also incorporated electronics, field recordings, and Lee’s guitar.

Lee Hutzulak