David Leith :: Highlights

The Armoury Residue

Montague Harbour, 2022

Minimalist electronic music by David Leith and Toby Carroll.

The Discarded

Music & video created from a series of 20 by 24 inch photograms.

The Walk to Work and Back Home Again

Video by Lee Hutzulak

A site-specific soundscape by Lee Hutzulak (Photography/Guitar + FX) & David Leith (Synthesizers/Mix).

The final work was presented in S.P.A.C.E. Banners Project.


A visual experiment of tempography – somewhere between cinema and photography.

Buchla Easel Modular Synth Clone

The Modular Workshop: building the Buchla Easel synthesizer clone.


Max/MSP programming for the audio component of PoSSeSSiONz, an interactive video and sound installation presented at the Thru the Trapdoor show @ On Main Gallery.

This code is open sourced here.

Butterfly Swaying

Photos by Marsha Leith

A “performed live” studio version of a piece played at Active / Passive Festival Volume 2.

Bombs Away

Video by Lee Hutzulak

A new Zen Escalator live album/video with special guest Lou Meninski at the Lido.