David Leith :: Recent Pieces

Bombs Away

Video by Lee Hutzulak

A new Zen Escalator live album/video with special guest Lou Meninski at the Lido.

The Discarded

Music & video created from a series of 20 by 24 inch photograms.

The Armoury Residuef

Montague Harbour, 2022

Minimalist electronic music by David Leith and Toby Carroll.

Shallow Water

Video by Lee Hutzulak

Music performed by Zen Escalator at the Lido.

Frank & Eveline

Art, titles, and design by Lee Hutzulak at Leisure Thief

An album by Zen Escalator, an improvising instrumental electronic duo.

Crow Reflection

Soundscape composition for Laura Lee Coles’ image Machnaimh Préacháin (Irish Gaelic), presented at S.P.A.C.E. 2022.

The Walk to Work and Back Home Again

Video by Lee Hutzulak

A site-specific soundscape by Lee Hutzulak (Photography/Guitar + FX) & David Leith (Synthesizers/Mix).

The final work was presented in S.P.A.C.E. Banners Project.

Butterfly Swaying

Photos by Marsha Leith

A “performed live” studio version of a piece played at Active / Passive Festival Volume 2.


Soundscape composition for Trees, a series of video work, presented at IMAPON’s Co-Vid-EO exhibition.


A visual experiment of tempography – somewhere between cinema and photography.


Max/MSP programming for the audio component of PoSSeSSiONz, an interactive video and sound installation presented at the Thru the Trapdoor show @ On Main Gallery.

This code is open sourced here.

Buchla Easel Modular Synth Clone

The Modular Workshop: building the Buchla Easel synthesizer clone.